Bardia Bijani Aval (L) Joe Caughey (R)

Bardia Bijani Aval (L) Joe Caughey (R)



Joe Caughey

Joe is majoring in Global Business Leadership at Saint John's. He has been a part of, and created a number of startup businesses coming into college. When asked why Joe sees himself as an entrepreneur he responds, “Well, I have never held a real job, it’s kind of all I know". Today Joe still runs one of those businesses, a small-midsize lawn and snow company in the twin cities. Employing others to run the business for him while away at college. In addition, Joe interned at a startup based in Minnetonka, called MISSION Boat Gear in the summer of 2017 this turned into a part time job offer for the winter of 2017/18 and a continuation of that internship through the summer of 2018. In the spring of 2018 Joe alongside his future business co-founder conceptualized the ground work for TRIINK LLC which focuses on unique and innovative multi-tools.


Bardia Bijani Aval

Bardia is from Gothenburg, Sweden, majoring in Integrative Science and double-minoring in Physics and Mathematics at Saint John's. He has a strong interest in engineering, and the innovation it entails. Before coming to the U.S., Bardia spent five months as an intern at Volvo Penta, a world-leading boat engine manufacturer in his home country of Sweden. As a result of his experience, he knew he wanted engineering to be part of his future career. He has huge goals for the future, and dreams of acquiring his own world-renowned tech venture. Before that, however, he needs to learn about the foundations of entrepreneurship, which is exactly what he is hoping to do as part of TRIINK, LLC.


TRIINK LLC is a company created around the idea that multi-tools currently available don’t meet the needs of the end user because most multi-tools don’t have a specific end user. Many multi-tool companies — both large and small —focus on creating tools that do everything, but in essence accomplish nothing well. TRIINK takes a different approach by creating tools that focus on a specific target market, spending time with each design and focusing on what the intended user demands of a tool. Each function on every tool is first and foremost included with that target end user in mind. With TRIINK’s tools, you will immediately get a sense of the forethought that goes into every function on every tool while being constructed of the highest quality materials to the most exacting precision. Welcome to TRIINK.